8inside – change your world with music, technology and your imagination

Start meditating with our incredible 8D music. Take care of your mental health.

How it works

Set aside 15 minutes a day for relaxation and recovery.

Special technologies and sound frequencies are applied to the music we use in our app.

This allows you to achieve maximum immersion, reboot your brain and restore the body's resources.

Our short audio journeys will allow you to dive deep into the scene and forget about the problems and worries, relax and feel better.

8inside app will be useful for


You partake in meditation and spiritual practices, or you are just about to start and looking for an easy way to do it


Do you like dreaming? 8inside will immerse you in audioscapes where you can visualize your future journeys


You want to take a break, rest and relax, so as to return to your tasks later and keep on doing them effectively

Better sleep

Have trouble sleeping and seek relaxation

Getting rid of anxiety

Something bothers you and you need to change your thoughts, distract yourself

Uplifting mood

Just want to cheer yourself up by listening to beautiful relaxing music

Technologies we use

8D sound effect (surround sound) - for a deep immersion in the audioscape and the most vivid effect

Binaural beats - for maximum relaxation and energy boost

Natural sounds processed with 8D technology - to relieve stress and maximize immersion in the audioscape

ASMR sound stimulation - for calming, happiness, enjoyment, getting rid of anxiety

Frequency shift - the use of a tone-shifting technology to the frequency of 432 Hz, leading to a general healing of the body

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